History of the African Bahamian Association

In 1985, several Africans shared a common vision of fellowship, self-help, and collaboration between Africans and, later united to form an association with these goals in mind. Founding members of the then African Association were Dr. Kofi Duah of Ghana, the first president, Mr. Emmanuel Emelife of Nigeria, Public Relations Officer, and Mr. Kingsley Badmus of Nigeria, Secretary and other individuals such as Jerome Agboyi. The first meetings were held in Nassau in the basement of The Saint Augustine's Monastery, followed by the basement of New Covenant Baptist Church.

Shortly after the Association's formation, the name was changed to the African Bahamian Association reflecting the admission of Bahamians and the local Monks, who expressed an interest in the Association and what it stood for.

The founding group was later joined by Judy Carey and Chief Cyril Ijeoma, who later went on to become President of the Association in 1987. Other officers under Chief Ijeoma were Michael Wisseh of Liberia, Vice President, Martin Mensah of Ghana, Secretary, and Lydia Ferguson of Ghana, Treasurer.

In late 2005, after a long period of inactivity, and several attempts by Chief Ijeoma to revive the Association, Mr. Michael Wisseh invited Mrs. Adalee Wisseh, Chief Cyril Ijeoma and Mrs. Edna Ijeoma, Mr. Arnold Ferguson and Mrs. Lydia Ferguson to a meeting with a view to revisiting the idea of reviving the African Bahamian Association.

During this meeting, the attendees unanimously agreed that the Association should be re-established. At a subsequent meeting, the founding members were constituted as the Central Council, with Mr. Michael Wisseh as Coordinator, Mrs. Lydia Ferguson as Deputy Coordinator, Chief Cyril Ijeoma as Advisor to the Central Council, Mrs. Adalee Wisseh as Secretary, and Mr. Arnold Ferguson, Treasurer.

The first election of officers was held in March 2007. Elected officers were:

  1. Mr. Michael Wisseh, President
  2. Mr. Jerome Agboyi, Vice President
  3. Mr. Effiong Asuama, Secretary
  4. Mr. Joy John Mwalugaja, Assistant Secretary
  5. Mr. Arnold Ferguson, Treasurer
  6. Mrs. Abena Donkoh, Assistant Treasurer

  7. Appointed Standing committees were:

  8. Advisory Committee
  9. Constitutional Committee
  10. Education and Culture Committee
  11. Fund Raising Committee
  12. Pilgrimage To Africa Committee
  13. Membership/Sporting Committee

The current constitution was drafted by the Constitutional Committee comprised of:

Mrs. Lydia Ferguson, Chairperson
Mr. Francis Wilson
Dr. Daniel Donkoh

The African Bahamian Association meets once per month at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wisseh.