The African Bahamian Association

The Association comprises a Bahamas based membership collaboration of Africans, Bahamians and other residents of The Bahamas working together in the mutual interest of Africa and The Bahamas.

It is the paramount goal of the association in The Bahamas to share and celebrate our common African heritage, to provide broad ranging educational programs in The Bahamas on Africa, to promote cultural and talent exchanges between Africa and The Bahamas, to provide humanitarian assistance to local charities, and to join forces with other international efforts in the fight against the humanitarian crises in Africa.

Among the accomplishments of the association are donations to The Great Commission Ministries which provides shelter to, and feeds, the homeless, and Children's Emergency Hostel which takes in and cares for abandoned children.

We also played a key role in the commemoration of the Bi-centennial Anniversary of the Abolition of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade held at the Southern Recreational Grounds in March, 2007. Additionally, The Association participated in a ceremony hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to also celebrate the abolition of slavery.